Ouer is a design studio by Jeremy Ho and Peter Hu.


Emerged from consistent dialogues and personal reflections, we share the vision to interpret culture transience through the tinted glass of being in between. Growing up as queer Chinese Canadians, we drifted between cities, cultures, and self-discoveries. With Ouer, we aim to channel our longing and desires to start dialogues and bring together those who never really fit in, and aid in joyous self expression. 


Ouer “偶尔” in Mandarin means “occasionally”, and it is the beauty of rare, fleeting moments we wish to capture in clothes that one feels special in. Through our own craving of dressing up during the pandemic, and the constant tension of wanting to be rambunctious and sophisticated; graceful and sensual; formality and youthful, we chose to focus on “occasion-wear”. Pieces are of the moment yet with a sense of familiarity, and always special without being precious. 


Rooted in the appreciation of craft and shared experience of menswear construction, our designs are rendered in thoughtful materials with expert make. Designs that aim to evolve the language of menswear and explore the tension within gendered ideas of shape, form, and material. Ouer looks to represent a new, malleable, and sensual vision of masculine form. 


Welcome to Ouer world.